• Costa Rica Sportfishing

    You can enjoy both inshore fishing and deep sea fishing charters. Our  boats comfortably accommodate 6 people with large cushions to sit in the back where you can sunbathe or take refuge in the shade, while enjoying with your family and friends delicious snacks, fruits, sandwiches, drinks such as beer, soda, water, and more !

  • Inshore & Offshore

    Expert crew, leading sport fishing in Flamingo, Costa Rica since 1982!

  • Guanacaste Fishing Charters

    The waters of Flamingo and the Gold Coast in Guanacaste are teaming with every kind of sea creature. From whales to crabs to eels to manta rays, these waters are abundant with marine life.

Playa flamingo fishing charters

Offshore & Inshore

Fully equipped fishing vessels with state-of-the-art electronics and gear. Each boat is rigged up with specific options that will fit your desired fishing charter.

Fleet & Crew

Flamingo Sportfishing has an experienced crew that will see to all your fishing needs and will be ready to help you find the target fish on our Guanacaste fishing charter.

Fishing Charters

We offer exciting fishing charters for anglers that are look to catch big fish. Our fishing charters depart daily from Playa Flamingo which is located in Guanacaste Province.

Costa rica Sport Fishing Trip

Family adventures in Costa Rica

A History Steeped in Tradition From Humble Beginnings

From Then…
Our company is one of the few sport fishing outfits in Flamingo that is actually owned and run by Costa Ricans. With that comes a wealth of local knowledge and history to our operation. Our family has been fishing these waters since 1982, long before the first hotels were even thought of. The roots of our fishing knowledge were planted first by our grandparents who were involved in pesca artesanal (artisan fishing) and selling their catch to the co-operative in Playa del Coco.

We have a very experienced crew committed to meeting your needs

This guys don't cut corners and they took us far from the shore. We had several baits and we landed a mahi mahi.The crew did anything possible to catch fish. I been happy with the service and I would comeback and recommend them.

Pura Vida!!

Walton Bruce

Best day of fishing ever! CPT Warren and first mate Eric were fantastic. After a slow start, CPT Warren put us in a spot that Nat Geo would be thrilled with. We were surrounded by 100’s of dolphins, humpback whales, multiple species of birds, and of course fish. We caught Mahi, Sailfish, and a Blue Marlin. Pura Vida!

Banner Green

We were so impressed with the professionalism and precision demonstrated by our captain and first mate. The boat was nice and comfortable. The equipment was top notch. On our way out to sea we saw multiple dolphins, flying fish, Sea rays and sea turtles. They served us a platter of fresh fruit. The First Mate was super impressive with his efficiency. As soon as we had a fish on, he would jump into action.

John Burke


Sportfishing in Playa Flamingo and the greater Guanacaste region in Costa Rica is simply spectacular and world-renowned. Consequently, sportfishing tour operators here are as abundant as leaves on a tree, many of which are good, and some, not so much, which is good news for the sportfishing enthusiast. This competition has put a premium on the customer’s overall experience, something that Flamingo Sport Fishing has excelled at since 1982.  Come join our amazing fishing team for your next Guanacaste fishing charter.

We offer a seasoned crew, operating 4 fully equipped and meticulously maintained fishing boats, putting their years of local fishing experience to work to provide clients with the best possible Guanacaste deep sea fishing adventure. All of our charter boat captains are either locals, or have been fishing in this area for decades.

With the experience, combined with the continuing education that comes with fishing roughly 200 days per year, you can rest assured that captains and crew have caught virtually every kind of game fish in these waters, and they’ll take you to all their “secret fishing spots” to do it.

You can also rest easy knowing that we’ve encountered every kind of safety hazard imaginable on the open seas over that time, ensuring fun, relaxed day on the water before you’re safely returned to shore. So, whether you’re fishing for dinner, a trophy, or just catch & release, Flamingo Sport Fishing can deliver.  Please give us a call to find out what’s currently biting and to book your next fishing charter in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica.

Ready to have fun? Book your Flamingo adventure today and experience the true "Pura Vida" lifestyle!